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Posted by 发条人偶 on 2007-01-25

Dear Ms. Lv,


It’s so glad to have a pleasant conversation with you. From the conversation I can tell you are specialized in banking, credit loans, building mortgage, etc. as to your question to the my client’s details and career development, I’ll give some comments as follows:


*Career & development options

Due to the aggressive growth plans and my client’s strategy to promote from within, all existing and new employees are encouraged to upgrade and improve their personal knowledge skills to enable rapid progression and promotion through the organization.


*work environment

The structure of my client helps employees to identify and play to their individual strengths and openly encourages people to reach their aspirations. The portfolio of products provided to consumers gives opportunity for greater creativity and product development of staff.


My client recently won the “Total Caring Award” 2005/2006, and has a goal of becoming an employer of choice. Currently the perceived average ratio is an 80/20% balance.

The senior management is committed to creating a working environment to drive this ratio closer to a 60/40% balance.


Even though all employees are measured on their productivity, the senior management and HR team are developing a culture of performance recognition and development.


I hope all the things above answer the question you have. As far as I know about my client, it is a bank with fast-growing plan in china and a best place for talent people. I can see you are a banking expert, and then why you let the opportunity goes by? At least you try it before you say no! think about it! I hope I can see your CV after this EMAIL. Looking forward to having your CV and talk to you soon!


Vivian Huang


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