My love is gone

Posted by 发条人偶 on 2005-01-23

You did not mind...long time ago
My hope is gone
But I still holding your love
Although you are so cold
I still feel beautiful
You are my sweetest pain
A scar across my heart
You face, your voice,your touch
Surround my mind
I want to forget all the happen we had
Don''t give memories the chance
''Cause only when we''re together it feels so safe
But now...
You can''t answer my kisses
Runaway for redemption our pray
I can''t hear my feelings
I can''t hear my tears
I lost myself and you
My love is gone
My life is gone

Somewhere I guess, we''ll meet again
If there is a place and only then
I''ll be waiting for you to come

2 Responses to My love is gone

  1. dirtythree


  2. facai2005 ()

    u r still dreaming @@


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