Vittorio Vandelli.Kutna Hora. Lamia解读

Posted by 发条人偶 on 2004-09-27

'' Alone, alone on a wide wide sea! and never a saint took pity on my soul in agony.
I looked to heaven and tried to pray but or even a prayer had gusht,
a wicked whisper came and made my heart as dry as dust.
Since then, at an uncertain hour, that agony returns and till my ghastly tale is told,
this heart within me burns. I pass, like night, from land to land,
I have strange power of speech,
that moment that his face I see to him my tale I teach. ''
                              ----------S.T. Coleridge

一首诗 孤独海员的诗

Vittorio Vandelli,是Ataraxia的成员 他的第一张专辑, '' A Day of Warm Rain in Heaven'', 将S.T. Coleridge的诗句The rhyme of the ancient mariner融如音乐  搭配Francesca Nicoli的嗓音 民谣的吟唱 偶尔的工业片段 柔软的电子 营造了一次精神旅行 让耳朵探究生命中更深的沼泽

Farewell farewell, thou Wedding-Guest

My heart as dry as dust

A day of warm rain in heaven
Whispers o′er the sea

For the sky and the sea...



Kutna Hora (Argentina)

DarkFolk 和DarkWave的结合.每次都会给人深刻的印象,忧郁和深邃的旅行解读精神上的痛苦。 一张用旋律密度让你沉醉的专辑。

Hell is a place on earth



Lamia (Argentina)

一个带有电子元素的歌特乐队在阿根廷重生。 Die Form伟大的钢琴家和女高音以另一种形式出现,Qntal和Feindflug的合作用心境为你勾勒一次难以置信经历.男低音和女高音在作品中得到了惊人的共生。

Dark Angel

You′ll Die

Der D?mon


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    呵呵 注意用眼卫生~ 眼睛里也有寄生虫

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    天呢!!!! :eek:


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